Yearly Birthday Calendar {Organizer}

Birthdays & Parties, Free Printables, Printables / Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Have you ever forgotten an important date…

like maybe a birthday or something?

Well if you have, then you aren’t alone because no matter how hard I try

I can’t remember all those important days

when I am supposed to call my parents or siblings to wish them a happy birthday.

I’m usually one of those people who calls a day or two late to wish

my family a late happy birthday.

 I knew there had to be a way I could keep track of everyone’s birthdays so I don’t forget them.

Well someone is a genius or they love lists as much as I do…

because I saw this great idea…

a Birthday Calendar!

Every birthday on one page hung up where I can see it!

The great thing is… it doesn’t have to be just for birthdays.

It can be for Holidays, Parties, Activities, Special Occasions, Vacations,

or anything else you may need it for.

So I got busy making one…

actually I made more than one (as usual, to many ideas and I’m so indecisive).

Click on the links below the pictures to get the files so you can print and start organizing.



Here is the Yearly Planner


Here is the 2-sided Yearly Calendar Planner




Here is my favorite Yearly Birthday Calendar

Thanks for checking out these great Yearly Organizers.

Have a great day getting organized!



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