Valentine Baggies With Free Valentine Stickers Printable

Free Printables, Valentines Day / Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!!

It is a beautiful day here in the Upper Country! The snow is melting and the promise of spring is in the air. I love Valentines day! I am a silly romantic… and there is nothing better than spending time with my sweet lover.

What is your favorite valentines gift {given or received}? I have never been very good at picking the right gifts for others but that never stops me from trying… I think the reason I don’t do very well is because I am more of a last minute shopper so it never turns out quite right. But I have received may sweet gifts… my favorites have been simple heart stopping gifts from my husband and children…. little notes, hand prints, photos, and I love you’s that just make my heart melt… nothing grand or expensive just loving and sincere. So sweet!!!

School valentines parties are always exciting for our kids. There is something very sweet about getting a nice note from each person in your class. We prepare weeks in advance and they just can’t miss school that day… “no matter what!”

I am a lover of candy especially chocolate, but try to avoid it because of the results of having it around the house… its so hard to not eat it! So I looked for valentine ideas that didn’t involve candy and there were so many cute ones… but… candy still won out in the end.

I found these cute little bags on Amazon and couldn’t come up with any great {last minute} ideas for what to put inside so we bought chocolate Kisses, Reeses, and Kit Kats. The little bags were $6.45 for 100.

I wanted to print right on them, but after reading the reviews I decided it might be easier to make my own stickers to put on them. I already had sticker paper so it was easy to make a graphic on the computer and print a page of stickers.

here is the cute graphic to go on front

Feel free to save it and make your own stickers or other valentines decor.

Click here to get the free stickers printable I used… and this is the sticker paper that I had.

It was a fun easy project for the kids.

I helped cut out the stickers, they put the stickers on, wrote their names on the back, put the candy inside, then we folded the top and put some washi tape on the fold to hold it closed.

they turned out so cute! plus they were so easy to make.

Cherish this wonderful day with your valentine!!!

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