Thanksgiving {Giving Thanks} Bingo- free printable

Printables, Thanksgiving / Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Thanksgiving is right around the corner…

and I can’t wait to share this holiday with my family!

There is so much to get ready… I find myself getting caught up in the rush, and forget to take a breath and remember why we are celebrating.  I always have good intentions and want to make the most out of each holiday, but I always find myself falling short of what I want.

So this year I came up with a fun family activity you can do with anyone young or old, family or friends, to help bring family and friends together and show gratitude.

{Because it’s never to early to teach our children to be thankful and we are never to old to give thanks…} and honestly we have the hardest time getting our teenagers to cooperate and do anything with the family.

SO… this is where the challenge comes in…

this is Thanksgiving bingo… whoever gets bingo first gets a reward {kids seem to participate better when they know there’s a reward}  or  for older kids and adults, the bigger reward is for the first person who gets a blackout.

The tasks are simple and easy, even for young children.

You can do them as a family, competing against other families to finish your bingo card first… or challenge each other to complete them individually… {this would make a great Family Home Evening!}… but most importantly do something for someone you love to show how grateful you are for them, and enjoy this wonderful Thanksgiving season!

Thanksgiving Giving Thanks Bingo Challenge


Thanksgiving Giving Thanks Bingo Challenge

{there are 20 different 5×7 cards}


 I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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