Valentines Day, Wood Projects / Monday, February 6th, 2017

Valentines Day is next week and our youngest girly is keeping me busy making valentines goodies and decorations. It’s so fun to share the holidays with our kids. They get so excited!

1) lovebirds: two people who are obviously very much in love with each other

This is a really easy project for Valentines.

I cut these lovebirds from a 2×4 on a band saw, sanded them down and stained them with my favorite stain blend (1 tbl Minwax Jacobean, 1 tbl Minwax Weathered Oak in a plastic cup then fill the cup up with paint thinner… stir)

Super easy! 

I’ve thought about putting some vintage ink transfers on them or some wire legs but I really like them how they are… so for now they will stay plain and simple.


To find an outline of a bird I just googled and found this pair of birds so you can print them here… or you can look for a set that you like.

(don’t forget to cut a straight line across their bellies to make sure they sit up or they roll right over on their beaks)

I’m fond of love! The kind that makes you giddy and gushy…

Happy ALMOST Valentines Day…

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