Gifts to Jesus

Christmas / Saturday, December 24th, 2016

Gifts to Jesus has been a long-time family tradition

that we have done for generations… one I didn’t really appreciate until I got older.

Hanging in our livingroom along with each of our Christmas stockings,

is a stocking for Jesus, with our gifts to Him inside.

Tonight we will take this stocking to our family Christmas party.

At one point during the party we will all sit in a circle… young and old…

we will take out our gifts that we gave Jesus this year…

{the gifts are not physical objects… they are personal goals… things that we want to accomplish to bring us closer to the Savior}

…we read them aloud to everyone there…

and say whether we fulfilled our gift or not.

{this can be satisfying or disappointing… depending on if you remembered your gift for the year and worked on it}

Then, after everyone has a turn…

we all take a new card and write down the gift we want to give Jesus for the coming year.

{sometimes, we put the same card back in the stocking if we didn’t fulfill our gift, and work on it for another year}

{It really makes you think… and re-evaluate yourself}

I know what the Savior has done for me… so what can I do for Him?

Merry Christmas!

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