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I love fall!!! It’s my favorite season… the colors, smells, and wonderful tastes!

I was flipping through my GIANT book of ideas the other day and remembered a fun project I made a few years ago… this Fall 2×4 subway block, so I dug it out of my fall decoration box and thought I would share it with you…

I love this block! It is the perfect size: 10 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide, so it fits perfect with other fall decorations and isn’t to large… and if you are like me, then you will have pieces of 2×4’s just lying around needing to be used up. So….

1~ find a 2×4 that’s in good condition & cut it to 10 inches

2~ sand & paint/stain the sides of the 2×4 whatever color you want {because the sides will show… I painted mine red… be creative}

3~ print off which picture you want to use {they should already be the right size so you can just print and cut it out}… you can print it on regular paper or cardstock or whatever paper you have {I printed mine on regular paper because I wanted the texture of the wood to show through}… also printers are all a little different so you might have to adjust your settings if it doesn’t print right the first time

4~ modge podge the picture to the front of your 2×4 and let it dry


5~ you can add another layer of Modge Podge or whatever clear finish you like and be done or before adding your finish you can sand around the edges and sides to give it a rustic look, and then put on your finish coat. And you’re done!


When I set this block out I got new ideas for more, so I added them as well… {I just might have to make more… maybe give them away as gifts}


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 Happy Fall!

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