DIY Burlap Pumpkin

DIY Decor, Fall / Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Autumn is beautiful and this year is no exception!

The days have been so warm… which encourage lots of enjoyable outdoor family activities and some fun craft projects too.  I’ve been wanting to make some more fabric pumpkins and there are so many cute fabric pumpkins online!  I’ve made a few different kinds but the burlap pumpkins are my favorite…


I was excited because I already had everything to make this one!

The burlap was leftover from my brother’s wedding, cinnamon sticks… which I always have, and tie-wire… who doesn’t have rolls of tie-wire lying around?!


Here is the pattern I used…



~ print and cut out the pattern… I printed my pattern full page and my pumpkin turned out large… print it smaller if you want a smaller pumpkin

~ cut out 6 pieces from the burlap

~ sew them together {the seems can be on the inside or outside}

~ stuff it with whatever you have laying around… batting, old t-shirts, or even rags

~ {optional} use brown embroidery floss to detail the seems, and I also sewed up the middles as well

~ hot glue 5 or 6 long cinnamon sticks together… then glue them in the top of the pumpkin

~ use a very long piece of wire… I didn’t even cut mine, I just unwound it as I went… make sure to leave about 8 or so inches sticking out, then start wrapping… wrap 10-15 times, until you like the look… cut the wire but make sure to leave another 8 or so inches at the end… then twist your ends around a pencil and bend them however you like


This pumpkin was larger than I thought it would be, but it works really well as a centerpiece for our table.  I really like how simple and rustic it looks.

Thanks for stopping by… and enjoy these warm days of fall!

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