Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Recipes / Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Its baking season!

I have the best memories baking with my mother and grandmother, and now I’m trying to make memories baking with our kids. This is the best time of year to bake… having the oven on helps keep the house warm and toasty and its so nice to have a warm treat.

In all honesty, I am not very fond of cooking and I don’t consider myself to be a good cook. I feel like my husband is a much better cook than I am. I prefer cooking easy comfort foods over fancy meals … but I do try sometimes, with not much success (although I do love eating all kinds of foods). We have extremely picky kids that don’t all like the same things. It makes mealtimes difficult… but there are a few things that I have learned how to bake to make my whole family happy.

One of my families favorites is our Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. This recipe has taken years to get just right. One batch makes about 10 doz cookies and they are all gone in a couple of days. These cookies are good because they stay soft for a week or two… if they last that long.


Mix all ingredients together.

Spoon dough balls on the cookie sheet.

Bake and cool.


Funny story… I tried changing the recipe a bit over Christmas. I used Crisco instead of butter and the cookies were much harder and didn’t taste the same, so my family wouldn’t eat any of them. I had to give them all away so they would get eaten. I tell you, my family is so picky… but I love them.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. Let me know what you think if you try our cookies.

Happy Baking!

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  1. I tried these cookies today, and they turned out so yummy. They were nice and soft without falling apart. Usually my chocolate chip cookies are either too flat, or too hard. Thanks Sarah

  2. I’m not a good cook either. In fact I thought I would try to make homemade chicken pot pie I burnt the crust. On the other hand my husband is an amazing cook. I think you are amazing. At least we try 🙂

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