Chalk Paint {Tithing Jars}

LDS Inspirations / Friday, January 12th, 2018

Chalk paint is wonderful! It sticks and stays on just about every surface.

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For the past 5 or so years, I have been keeping our kids tithing money in individual sandwich bags in the top of a kitchen cupboard, until we would take them to church and turn them in. Tithing is donation money we give to our church.

{We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, LDS Church or Mormon’s… whatever you want to call us. So we pay tithing which is 10% of what we earn. The kids also get to pay tithing, which is kind of a special thing for them to take their own tithing to the Bishop. If you want to find out more you can go to or }

I have been wanting to make some chalk paint jars like all the beautiful jars that I see on Pinterest. So I got all the materials… you can find the jars here, the chalk paint here, and the vinyl for the letters here. If you don’t have anything machine to cut out the letters you can just buy letter stickers here.

I planned this project for Family Home Evening {which is a weekly family night every Monday}. Our kids were so excited to make their own jars. I bought 4 different colors and let them choose who got what color. I cut the letters out on my Cricut using vinyl and had them ready for the kids to stick on. Then the kids painted the whole outside of the jar and let them dry before peeling the letters off.

I also bought these Mason Jar Slotted Lids for the jars so the kids can slide their money in and it won’t spill out if they get tipped over. We also glued ribbon around the metal rings to finish them off. {Our kids were so excited that they were putting their tithing money in their jars before the jars were done}








It turned out to be a great project! And, the kids were thrilled to have a place to keep their own tithing money.

The chalk paint jars are such a great way to save money and they are a fun easy project even for kids! And they aren’t just for tithing… you can make them for any money you want to save. You can customize the word or words on the front to a name or whatever you want.




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