{Free} Halloween Tags

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Tags have so many uses and make a creative addition to any treat or gift.  Halloween is a long awaited holiday at our house. Our kids start talking, months in advance, about what scary creature they will dress up like and what they need for their costumes. I will admit that I do like to […]


{Autumn Bliss} Printable Fall Sign

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Are you loving this weather? I am! To me this is bliss! I love dressing in layers, cuddling under a blanket, drinking hot cocoa and watching the leaves change colors. Its time to starting pulling out {or buying} fall decor and I decided I needed more fall signs. So……… I made a cute fall printable. […]


2018 (2-Page) Monthly Calendars {FREE}

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Summer fun is over, we got all moved to a new house, the kids are back in school, and I am finally back to work on so many different projects I don’t know where to begin. But as promised, I have finally had time to finish the 2018 (2-page) Monthly Calendars … Wahoo! I am so […]


2017 Monthly Calendar {Landscape}

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More Calendars… I didn’t think about making a calendar in landscape because I don’t use them, but I know a lot of people like them so I just finished the monthly landscape calendars for 2017, so here is the free download. … 2017 Monthly Calendar {landscape} … I hope everyone is enjoying the new year… […]


{1-Page} Party Planner

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One of my ongoing goals is to be a better party planner for my family, because when it comes to parties… I am the worst party planner of all time!  I have really good ideas and make all kinds of plans… but when it comes time for the party… I flop every time! Its so […]


Winter Printable (free)

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Winter can be wonderful… but it can also be long, slow and cold. We are making the most of these intensely cold days at home with family and hot cocoa. … Despite the cold… winter is beautiful! Snowflakes are my favorite part of winter. It is amazing how snowflakes form as they fall from the sky […]


FREE 2018 Monthly Calendars

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I know this is a bit early… but I had a request for a 2018 monthly calendar and I really didn’t want to disappoint. So… this is basically the same as the 2017 monthly calendar just changed for 2018. get it now and prepare for next year. … 2018 Monthly Calendar 2018 Monthly Calendar GRAY […]


FREE 2017 Monthly (two-page) Calendars

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Happy New Year! I think I’m on a roll making more calendars…. I had a couple of requests to see if I had made or could make a couple more calendars, and I finally got them finished…. (I hope there aren’t to many mistakes but no matter how many times I look them over, I […]


2017 Yearly Calendar- free

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UPDATE: I knew that I would make mistakes even though I check over and over.  I messed up on March but it is now fixed so you can download the newest corrections. Sorry for the inconvenience! 2017 is coming fast! What do you love about the new year?  Do you have big plans for 2017? […]