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Birthdays & Parties, Free Printables / Thursday, January 19th, 2017

One of my ongoing goals is to be a better party planner for my family, because when it comes to parties… I am the worst party planner of all time!  I have really good ideas and make all kinds of plans… but when it comes time for the party… I flop every time! Its so frustrating! {I just wasn’t meant to be a hostess} although… I want to make our kids’ birthdays memorable and fun but I feel like a total failure after ever party. Thankfully I get to retry ever year.  This year I created a party planner to help me get all my thoughts down on one page so I won’t forget anything… {I have been known to forget the small details a time, or two… or a lot}.

In the past I would use a free planner that I found online which were great… but they didn’t quite have everything that I wanted together on one page and I would have a couple different pages and not be able to find the lists so easily… and then I would forget something.  So… I took the bits and pieces that I needed and put them together on one page, with lists of specific things to help me remember all the little details.

My husbands birthday was this month. I was excited to try out the planner… and it worked great!  I was able to plan everything out and not forget the basics… like candles for the cake.

We just celebrated my husbands birthday.  He doesn’t really like parties and really dislikes being the center of attention, but he is amazing and I wanted to have a small party with family to celebrate his day.  It was a very simple party… but easily put together with the planner.  There were just a couple decorations with cake & ice cream, and it turned out great!

I found some great ideas for my Husbands party @ CatchMyParty … These ideas are fantastic for the outdoorsman! I didn’t use them yet since he isn’t a fan of big parties… but he will be turning 40 eventually so I have plenty of time to plan a great party with these ideas.

For his party I used simple decorations… balloons, a banner, and a soda pop cake.  The soda pop cake was a huge hit because it wasn’t just for decoration… the kids all downed the cream soda.

The party turned out great!… and was so much easier using the party planner.

You can grab the free download below. I made a few different colors for boy or girl parties and just the basic gray that I used. I hope you have fun at your next party and find this planner to be useful.

gray/black Party Planner

pink Party Planner

blue/orange Party Planner

gray/yellow Party Planner

Good Luck planning your next party!

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